Polaroids vs Photocards

16 09 2007

Lots of people have been referring to our photocard services as polaroids. Well.. it is a replacement for the concept of polaroids but there are fundementally many differences.

Polariods Photocards
 – Background black (lack of control)    – Nice balance or subject & ambience
 – Polaroid quality similar to disposables    – Professional equipment used for quality
 – No soft copy    – High resolution softcopy available
 – Only 1 copy available per shot      – Each person in the photo gets a copy
 – Seen only minutes after shoot    – Image instantly displayed on screen
 – Unable to review or delete photos    – Able to view and choose images
 – Unable to include design on photos    – Able to include logo branding / title
 – Unable to print on back of photos    – Customisable design on back
 – Known to fade within months    – 5yr fade resistance (Wilhelm Research)

Photocard NUS Law Back Photocard - NUS Law Front
Back & Front of NUS Law Faculty 50th Anniversary Dinner

Photocard Back - Tag Heuer Photocards - Tag Heuer Front Photocard Front - Tag Heuer 
Back & Front of Photocard for Tag Heuer / Mercedes Benz / Johnnie Walker

Photocards - Customised Wedding Photocard Customised Wedding 
Customised Wedding Photocards

Photocard Standard Cardback
LiveStudios Standard Card Back




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